Transmission systems are the main part of a telecom infrastructure at any industrial network for carrying critical data, voice and telemetry information between sites, instrumentation and control systems.
ATS has developed local knowledge and expertise for provisioning of mission-critical Transmission Solutions based on international standards and best-practices in the industries.
We design and implement transmission systems that respond to the current and future growing demands of an industrial installation, ensuring reliability and optimal performance.

    Ericsson SPO1400

    SPO1400 provides a flexible TDM and IP network solution within a single shelf with industry leading port density and very low power requirements. From E1 up to STM-16 and 10GE ports and DWM interface for high capacity networks.

    The Ericsson SPO 1400 is a family of multi-service and optical packet transport solutions for Metro networks comprising: SPO 1410 POTP – Metro Access/Aggregation and SPO 1460 POTP – Metro Access/Aggregation and Core.

    SPO1440 Benefits

    • Hybrid Packet -TDM/OTN-WDM architecture
    • Lowest TCO for metro modernisation and convergence
    • Connection-oriented ethernet with MPLS
    • MEF 9- and 14-compliant
    • MEF CE 2.0 certified for E-Line and E-Access
    • Legacy TDM-based service support
    • Simple and easy WDM scalability
    • Highest capacity density and lowest power profile
    • Service rates from E1 to 100GE
    • Support LTE MBH and data centre connectivity

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