ATS provides tailored, robust solutions for your network and data security to detect and respond to risks and cyber-attacks.

Networks and systems have become more complex, and the number and variety of threats has increased. At the same time, we depend on critical data and information for daily business operations. For this reason, companies look at integrated solutions, rather than simply relying on products to protect their information, hardware and software.

ATS starts with technical security and vulnerability assessments, taking into account regulatory compliance requirements. We then recommend solutions for data classification, leakage prevention and security layers for email, web and network protection.

In conjunction with our trusted partners, our solutions are supported with security and risk management programmes for monitoring, analytics and threat prevention. Together, we enable you to control risk and take action where threats are present.

  • Network security solutions, using only trusted industry-standard software for next generation firewalls and IPS, network admission control, web application firewalls, network visibility and traffic aggregation and secure remote access
  • Data-centric security solutions for data classification, data leakage prevention, information rights management, email security, web security, end point protection, database security and encryption
  • Security and risk management programs, together with dependable ATS partners, provide Security monitoring and analytics, network behaviour analysis, vulnerability management, configuration and compliance, file integrity monitoring, risk analytics and advanced threat prevention
  • Technical assessments for security, vulnerability and penetration testing, web and mobile applications, network security architecture, IT operations, forensic preparedness, along with source code analysis, to determine the risks that your systems would encounter.
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Comprehensive network security solutions
  • Full network health monitoring
  • Real-world test scenarios and requirements traceability tools
  • Training to equip you with skills and knowledge to make the most effective use of ATS cyber security solutions

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