From offshore oil and gas supply vessels, crew accommodation and drilling platforms to remote location mining sites, space and structural integrity are at a premium.

ATS has the capability to deliver high-quality TV and video throughout a remote facility over existing IP networks, keeping crews connected to the outside world with news and entertainment, internal communications and video-based training.

ATS partners with Exterity systems which are future-proofed and built-to-last. Our flexible and scaleable solutions are suited to both onshore and offshore use, simple to set up and use, and provide the ability to target content down to group or individual user level. 

Most organisations already have a building or campus IP network capable of supporting video, making IPTV an incremental cost with a tremendous potential ROI. Using existing TVs, PCs, and AV display units without requiring a separate satellite/aerial signal distribution system within the building or campus significantly reduces costs.
  • Scaleability - IPTV allows the addition of new sources and users anywhere there is a network connection without picture degradation
  • Rapid rollout - IPTV’s scaleability and ease of management means quick organisation-wide rollout of new TV, video and broadband services
  • Cost saving - bringing external TV and radio in through LAN rather than via internet saves costly internet bandwidth and preserves it for critical business use
  • Security - granular control of user access and capability to block all internet access to streaming content at firewall means greater security and regulatory compliance
  • Efficiency - IPTV multicasting technology makes better use of LAN bandwidth for a faster ROI on network bandwidth investments
  • Flexible - any PC can be converted easily into a TV with IPTV software that recognises the content on the network, immediately expanding the reach of organisational TV and video assets
  • Productivity - IPTV brings AV distribution under IT control for lower management costs and more efficient network planning. It frees AV experts from mundane wiring concerns to concentrate on core competencies: the user experience from source to display, e.g. content generation, digital signage, designing boardroom display systems or corporate studios.

    Digital signage is a rapidly growing trend to communicate information and create highly visual brand messaging to a wide audience, and may be utilised in both private and public environments - corporate offices, retail spaces and events. 

    It's a highly flexible medium, allowing content to be updated easily and frequently to keep information current, and it's adaptable for target audiences through application of multimedia content and interactive elements to maximise engagement.

    ATS can provide bespoke digital signage solutions from small, single displays, to large-scale video walls suitable for indoor or outdoor installation.

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