• Engagement Process

    We realise that constant innovation, highly motivated workforce, and an effective engagement process are key to...

    Support Services

    Our technical teams are on duty 24/7 for emergency call-outs and repairs. We support our customers through service...

  • Project Management

    ATS can provide consultancy support as required to assist the client in the effective management and enhancement of...


  • Oil & Gas

    The ability to digitize oilfield assets anywhere in the world is a goal of many oil companies today. Digitization will...

  • Defense

    Defense departments worldwide are seeking to deliver greater military capability with lower expenditure. ATS is the...

  • Contracting & Commercial

    We have worked with the contracting & commercial sector, delivering everything from comprehensive end-to-end...




The world's best vendors

Carrying an extensive range of solutions from the worlds best vendors, ATS makes a big difference in the way you operate your business.

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ATS has been in the forefront of the regional technology industry for nearly half a decade. ATS sets new standards for cabling, networking and other infrastructure implementations, by putting customers first.

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